Snowmobile Dog Sled Reindeer Moose Safari  Silver Museum Colmis Restricted Area Iglootel



Snowmobile Experience

The Snowmobile Experience tour will take you through the forests, far out into the arctic nature.

You will enjoy fantastic views of the wildlife and with luck spot some of the region’s distinctive animals. Prepare for a true speed sensation riding through the snow!





Dog Sled Experience

You will share some amazing hours with loving sled dogs. Travelling through fairytale forests, you will be surprised the speed the dogs can reach through the arctic landscape.

Apart from learning how to handle a dog sled and to communicate with huskies, you will acquire useful knowledge on safety in cold climate. We will also stop and enjoy some snacks out in the nature.





Reindeer Experience

Close to Colmis Proving Ground local reindeer herders take care of the land and many reindeers. You will have a unique opportunity to get close up to the reindeers in their natural environment. Feeding them, riding a sled and throwing a lasso, it will be a day you will never forget!





Moose Safari

Jutis is a village located in an area with a large number of moose. Many of these animals, which normally live on the mountain slopes, move down around the village in the winter.

The hunting team of Jutis has been actively protecting them for many years through supplementary feeding in the most difficult winter months.

The hunting team of Jutis will take you with snowmobiles out in the wildlife for a Moose Safari. Seeing them can never be guaranteed, but the team knows the terrain and the moose very well, so the chances are very high!






Silver Museum

The Silver Museum tells an interesting story: the tale of a young doctor who arrived in Arjeplog in 1922 and stayed here for the rest of his life. Einar Wallquist, the “Lapland Doctor”, was fascinated by the local people and the nature, which served as subjects for him as an artist and an author. And he started collecting…

Today his collection and documentation of the life of the indigenous Sami and the settlers is a cultural treasure for the area. The Silver Museum represents an important part of the region’s heritage.







Colmis Proving Ground Restricted Area


Want to go one step further and have access to the restricted and confidential working area of Colmis Proving Ground? During the Winter Driving Academy you will already be in Colmis and driving right next to the engineers that use the proving ground facilities, but if you want to see their actual working area and what procedures they follow – and even do some testing and driving yourself,  then Colmis Proving Ground Restricted Area will quench your curiosity.

You will have to sign a confidentiality agreement, as many of the prototypes or models in the area are not yet on the market. A must for all car enthusiasts!






Take your stay to the full artic premium experience by staying one night at Iglootel. In a singular setting, with high-end comfort in unique and stunning surrounding ice facilities, you will observe and connect to nature like never before.

In addition, the location is ideal to enjoy stunning views of the starry sky at night, which on frequent occasions is illuminated by the fascinating Northern Lights phenomenon. The best way of having a mystical and authentic ice experience!